Is your website an asset that works for your business 24/7?

Can you create invoices, collect all your client details, send direct promotions and make sales through your website?

Are your clients able to find you quickly, easily and can they find the information they need?


Digital or Interactive Media is of high focus and this is a trend that will continue to increase. It is important to evolve your digital brand alongside your customer, guiding them at times. 


Technology changes daily and the competitor messages are many and endless; this overwhelms the customer at times.


It is important to implement your technology so that it best assists and engages with your potential client, rather than confuse or annoy them with your well meaning messages. Abandonment due to lack of user friendliness or difficult navigation is the main reason for lack of conversion to sale from websites.

Some may say that website design is a simple task. This is true however, like most things in life, simply completing a task and doing it well, are not necessarily the same thing.


At CommuniK8 we have decades of experience from writing script, back end maintenance, to user friendly design and updating interface and systems advice. We have developed our own analysis tools based upon CommuniK8's 8C's of Interactive Marketing; Context, Connection, Commerce, Communication, Customisation, Community, Characterisation and Content.


We can analyse your already developed website and improve your accessibility, update the features of your current site or help you develop your new site.
















Our sites can include;

-subscription functions,

-online ordering 

-shopping carts,

-appointment booking,

-pop up promotions,

-email campaigns,

-invoice creation


...most features you can dream up, but at an affordable and realistic price.

We can teach your team how to contribute to the site regularly and how your site can connect your CRM, sales and communications in one fluid system, creating your own personal communications hub. With a quick analysis we can help you make your technology work for you, to create more time for the important things. 

Book a free consultation to get your online communication hub in place and all your media talking today!

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