Do your managers have projects that go past deadlines, meaning budget blowout or even worse...

the project can no longer be completed?


Do you have systems that are only partially operational?


These are assets your business has invested in that could be implemented correctly, leading to saving you money and increasing the value of your service offering.

Your business is not the only one suffering from this phenomenon. It exists with in all businesses large or small.

That POS system that you cant get the right reports out of, the functions on your website you don't know how to use let alone to teach the staff how to use now...or a website that is half way through completion but keeps being put on the back burner.

All those little projects that you and the team know you need to talk about, but they never seem to get done. 

CommuniK8 can help with all the pending business projects big or small. You can outsource the issue and stress with confidence knowing that often a fresh start to a project, can open new avenues for solution creation. 

Let us bring SMART structure and tight deadlines back to your projects and let's get this one out of the 'pending tray' and filed as completed!