Sales and Marketing strategy development, the art of implementation and follow-up monitoring to create tapered adjustments, is the life blood of every business. 

CommuniK8 chooses to specialise in this area because we know the Marketing function speaks to every sector of your business. Marketing when executed well, provides the synergy effects across all of your businesses departments, which then creates long term growth.


We take the elements of Services Experience Marketing otherwise known as the 7P's; Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Evidence and use them as the anchor points to create tailored strategies to suit your specific individual business circumstance.


Our analysis helps to isolate gaps and allows us to provide suggestions on how we can increase the appeal of your product to a broader audience. To do this we need to look at the why of your product, understand the essence of what you are producing  for your customer.

We examine your competitors, the marketplace, your brands current service offering and using these 7 key areas as our anchor points, we eliminate all apparent and potential future gaps, to create a bullet proof offering.

Marketing Strategy is  the planning developed for all areas of your product and its delivery as well as how the product is communicated to your customer.

This also covers the development of all strategy and planning  for sales, advertising, promotion, communications- eg reservations.

Marketing Strategy and Business Planning cross over and are so large as functions...

This is why we split them, but keep them symbiotic through out development. 

We work with you and your team to create easy to follow, personally designed master plans with mini plans for execution. We do this because marketing is broken down into multiple functions such as; Website design and strategy, SEO & Analytics, Social Media Strategy, Advertising, Print Collateral, Sales Strategy etc. We make sure each have individual but overlapping plans and campaigns operating throughout the year.

Let us design the perfect toolbox for your business with you and create clear, simple plans that are easy to implement and seamlessly executed all year round.