At CommuniK8 we use a style which we taper to suit each client, modelled off the Total Cost Approach; a focus upon continuous improvement and maximised efficiency.

This approach creates long term sustainability, increases profits and adds to the benefits for your customer. We create a balance between quality and cost effectiveness.

Our plans teach our clientele to 'Circle the Wagons' through assessing their business in a transparent sense. Acknowledging gaps to create the strongest foundation possible for business growth.


We will help you to establish or adjust your business to a model that is lean and mean, capable of withstanding even the most challenging business environments.


The vision consists of a triple bottom line approach, companies that achieve profit while nurturing the people and the environment involved or effected by their operations.  Obtaining sustainable growth while keeping corporate social responsibility in focus.

We believe that failure to plan is indeed planning to fail. The business plan should never be thought about once yearly and filed away until the next emergency planning session.Business planning should be fluid and organic, ever developing, just as your business does.


Our formulas allow for agility through considering all aspects of your company;

-your people both employees and customers,

-your operations right to the point of sourcing and logistics and of course

-your product which today should include many service experience components to differentiate you from your competitors.


Business planning always contains many elements of marketing planning from the outset but at CommuniK8 our formulas initially separate the two.


This creates both macro and micro analysis for your business. We can plan the 1-3 or 1-5 year strategic overview, while making the strategies more specific to implement sector by sector. All achieved through our macro marketing projects and planning style tapered to each department.