This is an area that has most people a bit confused.

Basically SEO is Search Engine Optimisation which means how you rank when someone searches for you on the internet.


This feature should be inbuilt within all content and design features and maintained through regular site updates and active participation in information exchange.

This should be a part of the basic maintenance required of your website.


Analystics are data collected by associated programs which can tell you who is visiting, which pages, how long they stay, when they leave, if they convert to sale etc.


The development of analytics set-up and


monitoring is important to include in your website design and maintenance plan. Because Social Media is now such an effective means of reaching a varied and specific audience, SEO and Analytics are becoming more and more important to understand. The ability to manipulate organic online presence is essential.

CommuniK8 design all your interactive media to talk to each other creating organic and automatic SEO. We measure your campaigns so that each campaign learns from the predecessor, growing your brands reach and interaction continuously.  

It’s a total online approach, the new wave of effective advertising. They say a picture tells a thousand words…I ask you to imagine what a video does!


Communication with messages that are more meaningful when received by the right audience, which is easier than ever before to reach…

but also with increasing barriers each day, because of the hoards of less than effective communication currently taking place.

Let us help you STAND OUT from the pack!