Sales impact every business greatly.

Every type of business must consider the internal sales of their product by their own team, but many businesses also need to use others to co-produce their product.

The one thing all businesses have in common is the need to generate new leads to increase revenue potential.

But the key to success is not just generating new business, but to also retain all of the current clients you can as well. 


It is becoming more and more important every year to create diversity with in your own offering. To look at your places of distribution and to try to generate more.



CommuniK8 believes in SMART objectives that inspire and motivate your team to create the desired outcomes. We employ marketing strategy designed to garner new business, including separate bespoke campaigns, to keep the current customers happy and loyal at the same time.  


Sales promotion is used mainly in business to business relationships to create the long term bonds and regular contact person for the various channels on the distribution chain. For example if you sell your product through retailers, you will require a savvy sales professional to secure positioning and negotiate contracts.

You may require a sales promotion specialist to coach your team and create structure, leading by example so your brand can regularly attend trade events or conduct in-store demonstrations.

Or your company may need to develop a sales team and strategy.

Depending upon your business, sales promotion can be used in most circumstances to provide a face and persona to your brand and secure long term relationships.

CommuniK8 can help you plan this function properly to achieve the sales results you need fast!