Social Media is simply a portal from which you can communicate with your customer in a variety of ways. Our messages are no longer confined to print or television, they are fluid, editable and able to reach customers globally.


There is confusion about social media because there are so many alternatives to choose from.


At CommuniK8 we like to take the approach that like any of your channels; its all about helping you pick and choose what suits your brand and budget best.

Social media is a fast way to advertise to a large audience, but there are many rules. Unless you spend alot of time every week keeping up with the trends and changes, it could mean your business is not reaching the audience it should.  


Most businesses can do something that looks good on their FB or Instagram themselves, but unless many factors have been considered first, such as; creating a specific well thought out campaign with a clear point to the message, than a return on investment will not eventuate. 

Social Media requires excellent advertising and strategic planning skills to execute well. When done well, it also has the potential to achieve far more than traditional advertising channels could in the past.


However it is still only one part of the toolbox, support materials and collateral are generally still required to create a truly memorable and effective advertising campaign. . 


At CommuniK8 we put a strong emphasis upon the importance of great Digital Media planning, implementation and control. We can help you determine which channels will be most effective to reach your core audience and set up ways to update each platform with a systematic approach.


We take the pain out of Social Media by simplifying and designing tailored solutions for everyday application, as well as speciality campaigns created to drive business outcomes.

Using your website asset as your communications hub we will team your Social Media to create a cohesive online message.


Let us show you how we can simplify your Social Media and make it more effective at the same time!