Your branding is of measurable value no matter how big or small your business may be.When a bank assesses your companies value, one of the key assets is brand value.


The money and time you invest in communicating the messages of your product and hence brand, culminate over time with in your brands value.


Marketing in essence, is the development of strategy and communications of the messages of the brand.


Your brand is more than just a logo and set of fonts and concept colours.... Your brand is your companies identity!


Positive brand recognition by your target customer is of high importance. 


Let CommuniK8 assist you in developing a strong brand that truly reflects the culture and vision of your company. Not only this, but a brand that is interactively designed to work across all mediums, to attract the correct customer to your business.

The CommuniK8 brand is a great example of this approach, as the founder it reflects my personality,..because i am my business!

My personal love for technology with a bit of my unique flair but most importantly- My Why (mission)...helping people with what I have found to be the underlying issue behind all of life and business problems alike... Communication!

CommuniK8 can help generate new, revap old or even complete already existing brands that have lost their message. 


Let us show you how to shine with an Interactive Brand!